Call me Mot.

Age: 20-sumfin

Sex/Gender: Female

Preferred Pronouns: "she/her" (everyday use), "they/them" (when I'm feeling megalomaniacal), "that smeg-head" (when I'm being a jerk)

Location: Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of a Mid-Western American state lies a small unregarded little town. Outlying this at a distance of about 10 miles is an utterly insignificant little village whose Germanic-desended life forms so amazingly linguistically primitive that they think "Suarez" is pronounced "Schwartz".

Fandoms: Mostly Classic Doctor Who, but some Red Dwarf and H2G2 love can be found.


If I'm rude to you, it's likely I don't mean to be. I'm socially awkward, naïve, brutally honest, and can come across as insensitive. If this happens, please tell me and I will apologize and adjust my behavior accordingly.

I have a tendency to call people things like "Lieutenant" or "Comrade" or (in rare cases) "Chikee-babe" when I'm unsure of their pronouns. If this makes you uncomfortable, please tell me. I will stop.



An anon requested an "unconventional" set of tags for the tag game going around (where people reblog and write in the words and click whatever tag shows up first). So here’s some ones that I don’t think I’ve seen around before!

  • chocolate
  • kill
  • done
  • try
  • stop
  • why

I’m just so emotionally exhausted right now I want to hide in a cave of blankets and pillows for like a week.

I just got back from my first date ever. I didn’t like it. People do this sort of thing for fun???

I’m going on my first real date tomorrow. I asked them because they were too nervous. I don’t know how to feel.

I find keeping up with a consistent blog difficult. I don’t know how people do it. I hear people talking about how they work two jobs or are in college or need to slay a dragon and are on here all the time. I have one job and can’t seem to find anytime spare to be here.